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Getting together with friends in a healthy, positive environment isn't just a good idea, it's a necessity! Our family atmosphere allows you to relax and just be yourself. You can expect real answers to life's tough questions. We're devoted to teaching the Bible consistently and clearly, applying the truth to our lives in a relevant way.
You're invited to join us for any of our services.  Come be a part of an adventure that will take you to places beyond what you could ask or imagine!

Barry & Colleen Tuggle

Youth Group:

demoYouth Groups A time of fellowship for the Youth .

Mission Teams:

missionpicMission Teams Help Others through Mission Teams.

Small Groups:

demoSmall Groups A place for fellowship, stimulating discussions on biblical topics, and encouragement.


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21 days in November!                                                                               

Prayer changes everything!   

Because God changes everything!   

Wednesday evening, November 25


Community Thanksgiving service

at Living Hope Christian Fellowship

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Welcome to Living Hope Christian Fellowship

Join us for worship and teaching Sundays 9:30AM!

One of the dangers of being a responsible person is the tendency to fall into ruts.  Keeping responsibilities requires keeping routines and when important routines are followed consistently, you often find yourself in the proverbial "rut." When this happens, you need a Game changer!  God wants you to live in expectant joy and experience His lavish love for you daily.  It's nearly impossible to experience this in the rut. Do you need a Game Changer?  Be with us in this series as we explore timeless principles that are true game changers!


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Connecting with God and people through small groups
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